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[ Character/Pup List ]

Right. So, after five years plus of LiveJournal-based Role Playing, and several RPGs both dead and active, I figured it was about time I listed all the characters I've played so other players (and friends!) would know who the heck I am.


Listed alphabetically by character name:
Aeryial, [OC] (lost_heiress)
Charlie Prince, 3:10 to Yuma (abandoned)
Crichton, Commander John, Farscape (played from mm_gabby)
Esposito, Detective Javier, Castle (servedhimright)
Frank T. Hopkins, Hidalgo (played from mm_gabby)
Geordi La Forge, Lieutenant Commander, Star Trek:TNG (mr_laforge)
Grace Augustine, Dr., Avatar (donthidemycigs)
Gus, Burton Guster, Psych (thesupersmeller)
Jack Sparrow, Captain, Pirates of the Caribbean (istealshnythngs)
Joey Tribbiani, Friends (played from mm_gabby)
John Dunbar, Lt., Dances With Wolves (played from mm_gabby)
Leela, Captain Turanga, Futurama (eyeeyecaptain)
Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls (played from mm_gabby)
Neal Caffery, White Collar (artful_forger)
Ned, the Pie Maker, Pushing Daisies (played from mm_gabby)
Porthos du Vallon, The Three Musketeers (srspirate)
Ray Carling, DS, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes (flickedmethevs)
"Red" Pollard, Johnny, Seabiscuit (played from mm_gabby)
Renee Walker, 24 (whathastobedone)
Rick O'Connell, Colonel, The Mummy (a_vry_good_time)
Ryan, Detective Kevin, Castle (played from mm_gabby)
Shawn Spencer, Psych (adopted)
Smalls, Scotty, The Sandlot (ur_killin_me)

I am probably forgetting at least half a dozen others.
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